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Why You Need a Pay Per Click Manager

Jason Thomas - Friday, May 02, 2014

In the ferocious world of marketing, it is as vital as ever to get the best results from your online strategies.  With the fast paced world of AdWords and other pay per click platforms, it is my opinion that in order to get the best results, you need specialists running your campaign.  Why you ask?  


Businesses using pay per click advertising generally have something in common, they are focusing their efforts on revenue generation.  How can a small to medium sized business focus their attention on revenue generation when they are having to endlessly learn how to optimize a complicated system like Google AdWords?  They can’t.  The right pay per click manager will allow a business owner the breath of fresh air that is time.  Time to focus energy on business at hand.  It’s akin to having a housekeeper for your effective advertising.  

Saving Money

Wasted spend is a metric that is used in the PPC world to indicate whether you are overspending on your AdWords account, and usually has to do with bid management or negative keywords.  What a lot of pay per click managers find is that their clients, before the help of professional ppc optimization, are hemorrhaging money and don’t even know it.  Maybe they have irrelevant traffic due to poor keyword optimization, a low ad rank, poor quality score, or more likely, a combination of several factors within their account.  The point is, when a business decides to accept professional pay per click optimization into their lives, they save a lot of money by doing so.  Even campaigns that seem to be getting results could probably be getting the same results for less money, which means more advertising dollars to reallocate into marketing.  

Options Businesses Get With Sophisticated Campaigns 

The goal with pay per click marketing is seemingly simple- pay money for traffic, get business.  While this is ultimately true, it is a bit more nuanced than that.  Does your business have specific goals in mind regarding growth?  Does your business want to focus on a series of upcoming events?  Does your business want to push certain aspects of sales while leaving others to more traditional marketing?  With a professional pay per click manager a business has far more options than they realized when they were trying to learn the system internally.  Also, with a pay per click manager, you can align your campaign with your goals more accurately.


In terms of marketing, few options can compete with the return on investment a business will see from a well-run pay per click campaign.  The old, but still relevant, statistic is that for every $1.00 spent on AdWords, companies see a $2.00 return on investment.  To assure these returns you need to assure the quality of your campaigns which is why pay per click managers are necessary.  


Online has become the battleground for new business.  More and more businesses use platforms like pay per click marketing to generate revenue.  With the influx of AdWords competition, it is even more vital for companies to utilize pay per click managers to assure they are staying competitive in the market.  Remember that it is not only how much you bid but how relevant your ads are.  It is vital that if you are bidding at all, you do so in the smartest way possible.  

Leave it to the Pros

I’m not a car guy, I admit it.  One time I tried to change my own carbonator.  I spent the money and then realized I was out of my league.  My thought process was, ‘If I’m spending money on the part to begin with I’m not going to also pay somebody to do it for me, I’ll just learn to do it myself.’  What I learned was, ‘If it’s not what I’m good at, I need to leave it to the pros.’  This is the same thing businesses do with AdWords.  They think they can do it in house and then don’t understand why it’s not working properly.  Leave it to the pros who know the system and do it every day.  

Clearly it makes a lot of sense to find a trusted professional to run your pay per click accounts, otherwise, you are probably missing out on a lot of opportunities and revenue.  

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