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What the Google Announcement Means for all of us

Jason Thomas - Wednesday, April 30, 2014

"It’s no longer about devices, it's about connecting people to the content they care about, whether online, mobile sites, or on apps."  

The vice president of product management for AdWords, Jerry Dischler, had this to say regarding the motivation for the recent updates with AdWords. During a live-stream event on April 22nd, Google announced three key AdWords updates that will be implemented over the next few months.  The three features are more insightful reporting, new app ads, and tools for efficiency and scale.

Insightful Reporting

Estimated total conversions was a way Google could measure conversions across multiple devices and was met with mixed emotions.  With this announcement, Google is committing to refine this system and expand on the useful data it’s collecting.

Pushing New App Ads 

App engagement is huge and Google realizes this, with the whole point being to get those app installations.  

New mobile app promotion features will be implemented across search and display networks.  These changes will focus on better keyword targeting based on a customer’s overall profile and behavior.  A customer will be seen through their behavior, such as the apps they use, how frequently they use them, and the purchases they make within the app.  

New features will focus on driving engagement and re-engagement to relevant material within the app, hoping to curb the 80 percent of downloaded apps that are used only once and then deleted.  New conversion tracking will refine data on installation, re-engagement, and in-app purchases.

Bulk Actions Within AdWords

With bulk actions at your fingertips, you can now update thousands of ads with a few clicks.  Advances to conversion optimizers and automated bidding will allow advertisers to set efficiency targets to maximize conversions based on business goals.  Enhanced reporting tools will permit for visualization and testing of real-world data within the program itself.  To avoid importing and exporting of data, you will be allowed to drag and drop data into tables, which allows for customized reporting as well as graphing.  Basically, you get all the bar graphs, pie charts, and customized reports right at your fingertips.  Testing Lab feature will allow you to test changes on campaigns, whether it be adding keywords, changing campaign settings, bid timing, bid locations, ad formats, and more, before actually making the change permanently on your campaign.  These will help advertisers make more educated decisions regarding campaign changes.      

What it means:

  • Mobile advertising is still a huge focus moving forward for Google AdWords.
  • The push for new options regarding mobile app marketing means Advertisers will have new opportunities for customer engagement.
  • Enterprise-level tools in AdWords will offer some comfort to pay per click advertisers (and maybe some discomfort to PPC Managers?) as they offer bulk actions, automated bidding, and enhanced reporting to the masses. 
  • These features are optional to use, not mandatory.
  • These features won’t force out any of the current features.   

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