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3 Pay Per Click Advertising Basics For Small Businesses

Jason Thomas - Thursday, April 17, 2014


At DingPPC we believe Adwords is a powerful tool for businesses of all shapes and sizes. That is the reason we are passionate about helping companies manage and maintain their Adwords accounts.  Below are three very easy tips to help improve the performance of your campaign; to make sure you are getting the results you are looking for.  Keep in mind, optimization is key to keeping your cost down while maintaining efficiency. 


1.  Keep it relevant.  Use your keywords in the ad itself.  This will increase your quality score. 


2.  Optimize landing page content.  Use the key phrases people used to find you within your landing page.  When people find exactly what they are looking for on your landing page it  increases your conversions.


3.  Look at your competitors.  Compare keyword, ad group, and campaign performance.  This will allow you to make more cost efficient choices with your ads.  Also, your competition might be doing something better than you and thus, getting the business you thought you were targeting to begin with. 

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