With Ding PPC's expertise and knowledge, we will help you and your company generate highly effective and targeted leads everyday. Ding will efficiently run your AdWords campaign for maximized results that will be tracked down to the PENNY.

  • AdWords Management & Optimization

  • If you find yourself spending too much valuable time trying to get your ads perfected and listed on Google or feel you're spending too much money per click, let us help! We have the knowledge, experience and passion to get your AdWords account set up for maximum lead generating results.
  • Get New Highly Qualified Leads
  • Monthly Management and Reporting
  • Scalable Plan Options
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  • Other Pay Per Click Services

  • Would you like to expand your ads across other online marketing avenues as well? There are many places beyond Google to place your ads depending on your target market. Let us help you decide if any of these other options are viable for your advertising needs. 
  • Facebook & Twitter Advertising
  • LinkedIn Advertising
  • Microsoft Ad Center PPC
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Effectiveness of AdWords

With Google AdWords you control exactly how your budget is spent. Google AdWords is live and takes effect immediately, as opposed to SEO which can take months to show results.  Google's pay per click service has a higher rate of turning potential customers into actual customers.


Get your Ding Grade!

Let us provide you with an analysis of your entire AdWords campaign. Our comprehensive report will show you exactly how your AdWords campaign is performing. With this report we will show you what you are doing well and what steps need to be taken in order to improve your rank. ($295 value)


Get Pricing!

Let us tailor an Adwords campaign plan that is right for you and your business. We will help you get the targeted leads that you are looking for.


Cons of Managing Your Own PPC Campaign
Frustrated with managing your own PPC campaign?

Managing your own campaign can be very frustrating. There is a great amount of knowledge and energy that goes in to starting and managing your own campaign. Having to constantly update and manage your PPC campaign can also become very demanding. This is where Ding PPC can help. 

Wasting too much time managing your own PPC?

How much time do you spend managing your own PPC campaign? Optimizing your own PPC campaign can be another full time job in itself. In order to get the best results for your PPC campaign you need to spend many hours a week managing and optimizing it.  Let Ding PPC give you your time back so you can focus on your business.

Spending too much money with little or no return?

Are you spending a lot of money on PPC advertising and only receiving a small return on your investment? Without the time and expertise of a PPC management company you run the risk of overspending and lowering your return on investment. With Ding PPC we will save you money and increase your ROI.

PROS of Allowing Ding to Manage Your PPC Campaign
No more frustration!

With Ding PPC we take over your entire PPC marketing campaign, saving you the frustration of managing the campaign yourself. We have the experience and expertise to fully manage and optimize your entire PPC marketing campaign. 

Save your time for the things that matter!

Your time is your most valuable asset and at Ding PPC we want to give that back to you. We manage and optimize your entire PPC advertising campaign so you don't have to. By saving you time, you can focus on what's most important, your business. 

Save money and spend it the right way!

At Ding PPC we make sure that you are spending your budget to get the most effective results. These results are tracked down to the penny and sent to you through a comprehensive monthly report. Our optimization will save you money and direct the right clients to your targeted ads. 

Google AdWords advertising is the most effective and scalable way for users to advertise their products or services online and immediately direct potential clients to their website. 

testimonals From Our Clients

Signing up with Ding PPC has been the best decision we have made for the company to date!  We use to manage our own AdWords account ourselves and even though it was effective we didnt even realize how much spend we were wasting and how many more leads we could be getting.  In the first year alone Ding saved us $15,461.26 in wasted spend and reallocated it to targeted search phrases.  Since then we have increased our leads by 288%!  

Joshua Holloway - Director of Sales

We signed up for AdWords and used Ding's optimizing and managing option and within the first month our leads were increased by more than double. The best part is that they provide us with monthly reports so we can track our cost per client acquisition down to the penny. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to increase their sales! 

Ty Barbier - Director of Business Development

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