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    Businesses make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 that they spend on AdWords. This is without optimization or professional management. (Google Economic Impact Report)

  • Highly Targeted

    "The Yankee Candle Company reports that remarking allowed it to increase conversion rates by 600% while cutting cost per conversion by 50%" (AdWords Blog)

  • It's Scalable

    According to Yahoo, 92% of people searching for products, services and other businesses search for them online. Only 24% of businesses actually utilize online marketing.



At Ding PPC we focus strictly on our clients, lead generation, and goals.  We are specialists in PPC platforms.  Accounts with Ding PPC are completely scalable based on your budget.  We track all PPC data and report your success monthly.  At Ding PPC we offer a 100% guarantee with no contracts. 


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Let us tailor an Adwords campaign plan that is right for you and your business. We will help you get the targeted leads that you are looking for.


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Let us provide you with an analysis of your entire AdWords campaign. Our comprehensive report will show you exactly how your AdWords campaign is performing. With this report we will show you what you are doing well and what steps need to be taken in order to improve your rank. ($295 value)


How does Google AdWords work? Google AdWords works by using key phrases to connect the online community to the products or services they are looking for.  Lets take a look at details and figures of Google AdWords...

What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is an online Pay Per Click advertising service that provides you with the ability of directing the most relevant web traffic to your website. Google AdWord ads are shown across the top and down the right side of a search results page. When you search a key phrase in the google search bar, Google will display organic results (the results in the middle of the page) along with the Google AdWords PPC advertising along the top and down the right hand column. 

Google AdWords Campaigns are known as Pay Per Click marketing. With Pay per click marketing you pay Google for each person that clicks on your ad. These advertisements (display ads) can be displayed in text, image or video format. The most common type of Google AdWords advertisement consists of a title and two lines explaining your products and services. When a google user searches for one of your key phrases they will be able to see and click on your display ad in the AdWords section of the current search page. They will then be directed to a specific landing page on your website. 

With Google AdWrords you will get direct traffic coming from people looking for EXACTLY what you are offering. 

Interesting Google AdWords Statistics

  • A 100% target rate gives you the ability to target your ads specifically to people who are searching for your product or service.
  • Google AdWords marketing campaigns consist of more than 80% of global internet searches, making it the world’s largest search and ad display network. 
  • AdWords competitive rate of 87% allows your advertisement to fairly promote your products or services making you a competitor to those in similar industries. 
  • Google AdWords management provides tools that allow you to measure the success rate of people clicking on your AdWords ads. 
  • Google Adwords management allows you to receive a click rate percentage, a number of impressions on your display ads, conversions, spend, and much more.
Who are Google AdWords Direct Competitors?

  • Bing (Microsoft)
  • Yahoo
  • Social Media Ads
  • Small and Large Business Directories
AdWords Marketing Statistics

  • Google AdWords allows you a 25 character title and a 35 character content line in order to promote your service or product.
  • The conversion rate is around 5% depending on the industry your business falls into. This number can fluctuate.
  • The average click through rate (CTR) is around 7.5% depending on your display ad and the corresponding landing page the user is taken. This number can fluctuate.
  • Google Adwords displays around 25% more impressions than the Yahoo search engine.
Google AdWords Campaign Facts

  • Users that sign up for a Google AdWord advertising campaign can select specific local searches that they want their advertisements to be displayed on.
  • Users of Google AdWords campaigns only pay when someone searches and clicks on one of your AdWords display ads.
  • With AdWords PPC you can increase your reach out rate by creating relevant text ads that appear above competitors in searches on Google.
    • Google AdWords reach out rate allows you to target certain locations
  • Pay Per Click services allows users to compete against both small and big businesses in the same industry as their own.
  • Compared to traditional SEO tactics, users of this will have ads display almost immediately so their product wont become outdated by the time their site is organically listed which takes around 6 months to be organically listed doing SEO (search engine optimization).
  • Ads can also be placed on Google’s partner networks.
  • In an AdWords campaign there is no set price for ads being placed on Google’s search engine. AdWords users bid on key phrases they want someone to search for to display their ads
  • Google AdWords Pay Per Click marketing is the best option for driving immediate traffic to your website looking for what your business offers.
  • AdWords Users can edit an existing ad and publish the changes in Google and display their new ad within minutes.



testimonals From Our Clients

Signing up with Ding PPC has been the best decision we have made for the company to date!  We use to manage our own AdWords account ourselves and even though it was effective we didnt even realize how much spend we were wasting and how many more leads we could be getting.  In the first year alone Ding saved us $15,461.26 in wasted spend and reallocated it to targeted search phrases.  Since then we have increased our leads by 288%!  

Joshua Holloway - Director of Sales

We signed up for AdWords and used Ding's optimizing and managing option and within the first month our leads were increased by more than double. The best part is that they provide us with monthly reports so we can track our cost per client acquisition down to the penny. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to increase their sales! 

Ty Barbier - Director of Business Development

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